De Angelis s.p.a.

De Angelis S.p.A. has more than 100 years of tradition in the production of towed vehicles. It is therefore one of the oldest  and leading European companies in the manufacture of trailers and semitrailers for special transports.

Main advantages: tradition, experience, innovation, advanced technologies of design and production, computer based production for granting the respect of delivery dated agreed, great possibility of customization.

The production program is very large and covers a range from 15 to approximately 180 tons loading capacity:
- tandem 2/3 axles
- drawbar trailers from 2 to 6 axles
- semi lowloaders from 2 to 12 axles
- lowloaders from 1 to 4 axles
- modular semitrailers
- flatbed semitrailers from 3 to 6 axles 
- off road semitrailers from 2 to 5 axles
- agricultural trailers (with same level of industrial trailers) form 2 to 3 axles
- custom productions (road/off-road/internal use)

De Angelis also offers a wide range of applied technologies:

- telescopic chassis (up to 3 extensions)
- rigid/self-steering/hydraulic steering axles
- mechanic/air/hydraulic suspensions
- traditional axles/ twin independent axles / pendle independent axles /special axles for off-road use

The new G-light generation, thanks to the ultimate design methods, structural tests performed with FEM/FEA softwares and large use of top quality high strength steels has made possibble to lower about the 15% of tare of the standard vehicles while granting the same structural resistance and giving the possibility to load much more weight in full respect of the law.

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