Cantoni&C s.p.a.

Product range
Our company is specialized in design and manufacture of dump trucks structures for industrial vehicles from 3,5 to 40 tons of G.V.W.. Furthermore, the Company provides the hydraulic cranes installation.

The achievement of ISO 9001 Certification was a great spur to restructure the whole productive organisation: the rules of ISO 9001 drive us to have the customer - satisfaction as first target and the improvement of our products. In 2003 we obtained the Vision 2000. 


All the departments that manufacture the components are using latest generation numerical control machineries. On the tipper production-line the weldining operations are made by robots. The assembly of all the parts that compound our products takes place on particular devices that guarantee the same qualitative standard and product uniformity. That means to have always a convenient number of tippers in the warehouse ready to be assembled or for kit-delivery.