Acerbi s.p.a.

The company is also a producer of tanks, but they are specializated for tanks (upgrades) and tanks trailers and semitreilers for transport gas »LPG« (liquid petroleum gas). All tanks are made of fine grained steel. The capacity of upgrades are from 12.000 l to 29.000 l. All products comply with the ADR regulations and have the appropriate certificate. The Company is fully specialized in the ADR Regulations road transport, product range meets all modern requirements. The capacity of tanks for semitrailers is between 40.000 l to 57.000 l. Also those tanks are made of finegrained steel and are cylindrical and elliptical rounded.

Chassis can also be galvanized. For tanks with cappacity over 55.000 l chassis are galvanized automatically.

It is possible to choose between different brands of valves of tanks, filling and emptying system, axles, suspension, bracking systems and tyres.